★P R O F I L E★ ★D I S C O G R A P H Y★ ★M U L T I M E D I A★ ★L Y R I C S★ ★G U E S T B O O K★
Name in Korean: Lee Jung Hyun, 이정현
Name in Japanese: I Jonhyon, イ・ジョンヒョン
Name in Chinese: Li Zhen Xian, 李贞贤, 李貞賢
Nicknames: Techno Queen, Techno Goddess, Jjang Gu, Yi Deh Ah, Hyony, ヒョニー, 혀 니
Birth Date: 1980-02-07
Birth Place: Daegu (Taegu), South Korea
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Monkey
Height: 158cm
Weight: 40kg
Shoe Size: 230mm
Blood Type: O
Religion: Atheist
Personality: Bright and Friendly
Best Features: Eyes, Smile, Snaggletooth
Education: Gae-Po Elementary School,
Ahn Yang Art High School, Joong Ang University
Profession: Singer, Actress
Family: Mother (No Jae-hee), Father (Lee Gil-sool), 4 Older Sisters
Debut (Featured Singer): Goofy - The Rule of the Game [MV] 1999-05-03
Debut (Singer): 와 (Come) [MV] 1999-10-02
Debut (Actor): A Petal [FILM] 1996
Agents: Yedang Entertainment (Korea), UAE (Japan)
Film: Alexander Senki (1997), Beautiful Days (2001), Beautiful Heart (2003 China), Rondo (2006 Japan), King Sejong the Great (2008)
Television: A Petal (1996), Push! Push! (1997), Maria and The Inn (1997), Route 7 (1999), Scent of Love (2000), Harpy (2000), Tomak: Save The Earth (2001)
Awards: (1996) Dae Jong Award for Best New Actress, (1996) Yung Pyung Award for Best Newcomer Performance, (1998) Best New Performer (Music), (1999) Best New Performer (Music), (1999) Most Broadcasted Song in SBS Seoul